Support Services – North American Carbon

Negotiation and Contract Support

NAC has extensive experience in developing, reviewing and executing GHG emission contracts across a wide spectrum of sectors and counterparties. Negotiating GHG emission offset/permit contracts is an art as much as a science.

Deal Brokering

Let us help you negotiate a deal that you can live with; not just now but in the future. Every sector has its own level of risk and approval layers to consider.

We will help your organization tailor transactions to your level of risk and enable deals to make it through your executive approval process while at the same time managing the legal staff to ensure economical outcomes. In our 20 years of GHG emission trade negotiation, we’ve seen it all, and then some.
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Quantification and Verification

Verification is the final critical component in GHG offset creation and validation. Third party verification executed by trustworthy entities is a must in today’s GHG offset trading world.

NAC will draw on its expertise in selecting and managing verifiers to ensure that your GHG offsets reach the highest quality standards.


Quantification – You stand to benefit from our services. NAC has been creating and reviewing GHG offset quantification protocols since 1996. Our experience crosses almost every conceivable form of offset creation strategy. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in the public review and NGO/ENGO consultation aspect of quantification protocol development.

Whether you are buying or selling GHG offsets, we can assist in quantification documentation preparation and/or review, including managing third party quantifiers.


Quantification and verification are critical aspects of GHG offset creation and trading. NAC has extensive expertise in reviewing and managing the quantification and verification process.

Offset Project Origination

Put our portfolio management expertise to work for you. We can source GHG offsets from a diverse assortment of projects and sectors. Quality offsets from quality projects are key to a successful portfolio.

Allow us to work with you to specify the type(s) of projects and offsets best matched to your organization’s environmental goals. Our expertise crosses practically every possible offset project type and sector.

Quality Assessments

All GHG offsets are not created equal. A thorough review of offset documentation such as the quantification and verification reports is a must.

Call on us to execute a review with unique insights into the quality of offsets that you may be considering for your organization’s portfolio. You’ll be glad you did.


NAC has been working with private industry and government since 1996, and we have experience dealing in many varied and diverse industry and project sectors including: