Our Proven Track Record

NAC is one of the first greenhouse gas emission trading firms created in Canada, and one of the few that is Canadian owned and operated. Founded in 1996, we have been trading GHG offsets in Canada, the United States, and Europe, with deals totaling over 7 million tonnes to date.

Our Track Record

The following are some of the groundbreaking greenhouse gas emission transactions engineered by NAC:


NAC Executives

Negotiation and Contract Support

Robert M. Elms, P.Eng. - President

Robert M. Elms has been involved in the areas of climate change and emission trading since 1996. Under Mr. Elms’ leadership, NAC participated in several of the major GHG demonstration trading programs that were undertaken in both the United States and Canada. NAC became an industry pioneer by developing a series of successful GHG trades involving diverse industrial sectors and technologies. Mr. Elms holds university degrees in mathematics and engineering. Mr. Elms serves as an executive for coolAction.com, an internet-based platform facilitating carbon neutrality for both individuals and businesses.

Allen G. Barnstaple, P.Eng.

Allen G. Barnstaple (1943-2011) was a veteran of the energy and environmental business with over 30 years of diversified experience. During his tenure in the electric utility business, Mr. Barnstaple was responsible for the development of over $3 billion worth of energy contracts. His extensive business experience brought a high depth of insight and knowledge to NAC’s various business ventures. His commitment to excellence will be continued on by NAC’s current executives.

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